‘Roarsome’ Dog Bed

Hey chaps, How goes it??

This weeks post is going to feature these stylish pooch beds that I’ve been making for various pups of various shapes and sizes. The proud owners of these beds currently include a golden retriever (Juno), beagle (Ralph) and a staffie (Gypsy). Naturally, each of them has their own style and therefore has their own unique choice of fabric!

Here’s Gypsy’s bed under construction…

This particular bed has a fleecy fabric on top (the dinosaur print) so that it’s extra cosy for the shorter haired pooch. It also meant that it was harder to make as the tougher blue fabric underneath wasn’t as stretchy!

I’ve made a few dog beds in the past and now offer them for sale in my Etsy shop. Here are a few examples of the different fabric designs that I’ve have used.

I’m also thinking of making some coordinating dog treat pouches with a wipeable/waterproof lining for when out and about on walks! These will inevitably end up in my Etsy shop so check back later 🙂 See you next week!




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