Hi Folks, it’s me again! Happy Wednesday! You’re halfway there 😀

This weeks Woollysaurus Wednesday is just a quickie to show you these cosy baby blankets I’ve started making… They are your usual straight-forward double crochet jobby but with a pom-pom trim added for extra…pzaz(?!)

Red Pom-Poms

They go quite nicely with some of my wax crayon efforts too!

Here’s one that I am working on at the moment… The first photo is after crocheting throughout GoT season 7 episode 1…

And the second photo is after crocheting through GoT season 7 episode 2! Hopefully I’ll be done before the season finale!?

This one will eventually have a bright pink pom pom trim and be available in my Etsy Shop along with some of my other crochet creations. See you next week for some ‘Roarsome’ (see what I did there) Dino Dog Beds… If you can’t wait until then and are getting withdrawal symptoms by Thursday then you can always follow me on Instagram! 😉

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