Rainbow Tasseltastic Garland

What up. Welcome to our first ‘Woollysaurus Wednesday’!

I thought Wednesday would be a good day to subject you all to some colour, courtesy of these rather marvelous tassel garlands. When I was doing my PhD, Wednesdays would always be the day that I would mess up a load of analyses or forget to set the laser off or something equally irritating… so here we are! Something to brighten up your mid-week woes. Thank you for following me and my incessant posts from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or wherever it was that made you cave in and come visit my site 🙂

This weeks post is about how I went about making these cheery rainbow garlands.

I made these for Charlie’s first birthday back in April but they have stayed up ever since because we got rather attached to them. He particularly like is when his Dad dunks him head first into them. They were really cheap and easy to make but took aaages for me to come up with enough tassels for two garlands!

All you are going to need for this one is some tissue paper, scissors, glue and string/wool/cord.

1. First off, unfold the tissue paper so it’s 1 ply. Then fold in half, fold in half again…. and fold in half again (see below). I tried doing multiple sheets of tissue paper in one go but it started getting messy and the tassels looked a bit pants.

2. Next you are going to cut strips into the tissue paper. It’s kind of important where you do this as you need the folded edge to remain intact so it doesn’t all fall to bits.


3. Then comes the fun part. Unfold your tissue paper completely so you have the fringing on both sides – and roll. Once you’ve rolled the whole thing up, this is where you twist the centre before forcing it into a loop.

4. Dab a bit of glue where the two sides cross and bob c’est ton oncle! I threaded mine onto a piece of twine-y stuff but you could use anything really. We put one of the garlands between the lights above the kitchen table where all the grub was on Charlie’s birthday… and another one above the mantel piece. It’s been there for the past 3 months and will probably only be removed when summer comes to an end – so next week.

Unlike a lot of my makes, these garlands are not available in my Etsy shop as they take too bloomin’ long to make – But there are some other, equally colourful items in there!

Happy Wednesday! 🙂

See you next week for your second Woolly installment.

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