Retro Yay or Retro Nay?

So, last week when I was rummaging through chazza shops in search of nick-nacks for Amy’s mums living room, we came across a few treasures – well some bits of tat that were surely under priced by the staff… to sell or not to sell is the question!

After carefully extracting a few pieces from the extremely overloaded shelf of breakables, I turned the cup over to see ‘Tams’ of England stamped on the back.


Now, I don’t know much about crockery but that rang a bell… So for £2 for 6 cups, saucers and side plates, I thought it was worth it – even if I kept them for myself!



£2 for all that!!?

I’ve been trawling ebay and one tea cup, saucer and side plate sell for £11.99 as a set!? Plus, it’s free listings on ebay this weekend…. 🙂

So, to sell or not to sell…that is the question! Not sure I’ve ever had the need for a tea cup and saucer…never mind 6 of them…

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