Backlog Blog Beginneth – Blasting Crayons

Being a bit of a technophobe, it’s taken me a while to get started so I’m going to begin by playing catch-up… starting with – Blasting Crayons!

So, after much deliberation and googling/pinteresting, I finally decided to have a go at one of these myself. Turns out, they are the simlplest things in the world to make…and have the effect of making your house smell like a nursery school!

All you need is the following:

  1.  Blank canvas
  2.  A couple of packets of crayons (new ones work best as they have a nice pointy nib which makes the wax drip off quite nicely).
  3.  A glue gun (super glue also worked on my first attempt)
  4.  A heat gun (apparently you can use a hair dryer too but it takes aaages and gets messier)

The Crafty Bit:

1. So I started out by gluing my two packs of crayons (48 in total for a 30×40 cm canvas) along the edge of the longest part of the canvas (or wherever you bloomin’ well like:

2. I then taped down a whole load of newspaper in the area I would be blasting the crayons with the heat gun – including the wall!

When you position the canvas, try and get a ~45 degree angle or somewhere thereabouts. I found if the canvas was too

vertical then the wax would skim over the canvas and not look a nice. Better for it to have a lover gradient so it can slowly roll to the bottom of you canvas.

3. Then the fun bit starts! Take you heat gun on the weakest setting at a medium heat (if it has that option) and aim it at the top of the crayons (not the tip – this will make the wax spurt in all kinds of directions). Slowly move it along the top of the canvas, back and forth until you get your desired gloopy effect! – Ta Daaa!

First attempt!

The wax doesn’t usually take long to dry – all depends on how crazy you went with the heat gun 😉

So..after my initial attempt, I may have gone a little crazy and started experimenting with different designs… here are a few I made earlier…



All items are avaliable in my Etsy Shop. If you can’t find anything or fancy something more bespoke to fit in with your decor, just ping me an email and I’ll see what I can do 🙂

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