Embroidery: Anax Imperator Stylie

It will soon be my nieces’ first birthday and since she probably won’t remember anything about it I thought I’d make her something that she can keep and be reminded of her auntie FOREVER!! Mwahahahaha!

So I thought, what have I not had a go at recently (or ever)… Embroidery! In my mind, this is even more Grannyesque than crochet etc but I thought I’d give it a go anyhoo.

First, I had to choose an image (something girly) to trace onto some fabric (an old white pillowcase in this instance) using carbon copy paper and then fix it all into an embroidery hoop to keep it taught.

I found the embroidery thread in a pound shop – 20 Skeins for £1 (compared to 4 for a £1 in a specialist shop!)

Here’s the design I went for:


I decided to do a silk stitch along the body of the dragonfly and a simple back stitch for the more complicated wing section. I managed to get the whole thing done last night, so it’s a relatively quick process – I guess it depends on the size and complexity of your pattern though.



As always…you can find my spoils in my Etsy shop 🙂 If you can’t find items because they have sold out, please dont hesitate to get intouch: info@woollysaurus.co.uk


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