A Sticky Garland

It’s a garland. And it’s made out of sticks… although my dog Juno probably thinks it’s a new chew toy. Probably the cheapest thing I’ve made yet, coming in at a grand total of 30p (ish) for the string and a bit of scavenging from the banks of the Lune River 🙂


After collecting a ton of sticks, I went home and chopped them all down to roughly 25 cm and drilled a hole in the centre  through which I threaded some natural garden string – Voila!


They don’t look great in my living room at the mo… ideally I would have hung them in the bathroom but I’m a renter and therefore can’t go drilling holes in the ceiling willy-nilly. However, they will be migrating to a different house shortly as part of a living-room overhaul with one of my friends 🙂

Available here in my Etsy shop.


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