Howdy Internet!

Based out of sunny North Wales, Woollysaurus was created by Laura Fielding – a geology graduate with a penchant for crafting and upcycling. Laura lives in Llanfairfechan with her husband Sam, son Charlie and golden retriever Juno.

I originally started crafting when I set about trying to handmake all the wedding gubbins for mine and Sam’s big day, back in December 2012.Since then I realised I had this huge chunk of time where I could attempt to be all virtuous and create something from nothing – which is really bloomin’ satisfying! This was all exacerbated by the fact I was studying for my PhD at the time so procrastination opportunities were rife! I began upcycling and crocheting and making the odd gift here and there for family and friends.

I know there are a million diy blogs out there but I decided to start one as I kept getting asked how I made things or how I went about renovating our house! So this is for you…and it’s kind of nice to keep track of all my diy attempts – successful and failed!

Stick around and take a look at some of my recent makes 🙂 or get in touch: info@woollysaurus.co.uk